Friday, July 3, 2009

Alpsphilc Acute Syndrome - A journey plan

Recently, suddenly, somehow-ly, I became Alpsphilic. Alpsphilic is the unscientifically terms used for describing "wanting to visit the alps" (Alps = Alps mountains; Philic = Attracted/affinity). After I browse the websites and informed by others, I decided (maybe if I have the time & fund) to visit the Ice Cave nearby Werfen and the Koenigsee nearby Berctesgaden.

Ice Cave
Its said to be the largest ice cave in the world. I've visited several natural caves in Indonesia. But you wont find ice in it.
The trip plan is:
- Train from munich to salzburg using bayern group ticket
- S-bahn from salzburg to werfen using einfach-raus group ticket
- Using bus, cable car and hiking
- Finally the cave visit
- Then go home
Estimated cost for a group of 4 or 5 person is 35 euro each person for a day trip For the round trip journey from munich and also ticket for visiting the cave)

A beautiful natural lake. Traveling using boat u can go to a smaller lake, the obersee which they said to have a highest waterfall in Germany. Roethbachfall, a 470 meters tall waterfall.
Trip plan is
- Train from munich to Freilassing
- Exchange train from Freilassing to Berchtesgaden
- Bus trip to koenigsee
- Boat trip to obersee
- Walk/hiking to see the roethbachfall
- Then go home
Estimated cost for a group of 4 or 5 person is 25 euro each person for a day trip (For the round trip journey from munich and ticket for visiting the lake and waterfall).

Anybody interested to join? Just let me know, we can share the group ticket cost, the cheaper the merrier.

nb: the pictures aren't mine, I just took from the website.


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