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Breach of the Gaza–Egypt border 2008

Blokade perbatasan yang dilakukan oleh Israel telah mengundang banyak penderitaan bagi rakyat palestina. Bahkan perbatasan antara Mesir dan Palestina di-blok oleh Israel menggunakan pagar-pagar tinggi.
Pada 23 Januari 2008, perbatasan Mesir-Rafah dihancurkan oleh militan Palestina. Sehingga selama 11 hari perbatasan tersebut terbuka. Warga pun menggunakan kesempatan tersebut untuk membeli berbagai kebutuhan mereka. Inilah foto-foto perjuangan mereka.

For a third day, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been crossing into Egypt from Gaza after militants used explosives to blow several holes in the border wall.

The police were strongly outnumbered, though, as large numbers of Palestinians managed to sneak through other openings in the border wall.

Hamas militants have been checking some people passing back into Gaza for contraband, and trying to calm tensions between Palestinians and the Egyptian police.

A crane carries a cow from the Egyptian side of Rafah to the Gaza Strip over the border wall.The UN says some 700,000 people have crossed into Egypt since Wednesday. A variety of items have been going the other way, including cows hoisted over the border by cranes.

The breach of the Gaza-Egypt border began on January 23, 2008, after gunmen in the Gaza Strip set off an explosion near the Rafah Border Crossing, destroying part of the former Israeli Gaza Strip barrier. The United Nations estimates that as many as half the 1.5 million population of the Gaza Strip crossed the border into Egypt seeking food and supplies. Israeli police went on an increased alert due to fears that militants would acquire weapons in Egypt.
Israel has controlled the Gazan side of the border since the Six Day War of 1967; Egypt closed its side in June 2007 days before the Hamas party took control over Gaza at the end of the Fatah-Hamas conflict; The breach followed a blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israel beginning in part that same June, with fuel supply reductions in October 2007. A total blockade had begun on January 17, 2008 following a rise in rocket attacks on Israel emanating from Gaza.
Although Israel demanded Egypt reseal the border due to security concerns, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ordered his troops to allow crossings to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, while verifying that the Gazans did not attempt to bring weapons back to use against Israel.
The United Nations Human Rights Council condemned Israel for the 15th time in less than two years on January 24, calling the blockade collective punishment. However, the proceedings were boycotted by Israel and the United States.
On January 27, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised that Israel would no longer disrupt the supply of food, medicine and necessary energy into the Gaza Strip. President Mubarak meanwhile announced plans to meet separately with representatives of Hamas and Fatah to come to a new border control agreement.
On February 3, Gaza's Foreign minister, Mahmoud al-Zahar, announced that Hamas and Egypt would cooperate in controlling the border without Israeli oversight. The border was closed, after 11 days, except for travelers returning home.

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