Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Job Seeker

A week after graduation, there was a career day in ITB. Finally, its “job-seeking” time. It was the first time searching a professional career. I felt that getting a job was really a process of struggle. Sure a lot of jobless people searching a job.

After several observations, I tried to apply some companies. My first test was held by Schlumberger. After hearing the presentation, I was quite confidence for the test. Looks like not gonna be that hard.

The first selection of the test was English test. Every applicant was given question and then they must answer the question in 3 minutes. After several people went for the test, it was my turn. I was given a question to tell all I know about organization. When I answer, suddenly I became nervous and my pronunciation wasn’t good. Maybe because I didn’t practice before. So I decided not to see the test result, because I was sure at that time I was not qualified for the next test.

Forgetting the bad day, I filled the rest of the day legalizing my certificate and searching info in the net. When I was online at YM, suddenly my friend asked me why I wasn’t doing the next step. I was quite surprise knowing that I was qualified for the next test. But it was too late for me to know, the test was already held.

At least after that day, I learned something. We must appreciate little things that we have done because maybe someone appreciates it also. Don’t be overconfidence, practice and experiences make perfect result.

Just do your best and let Allah SWT take rest.

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