Monday, October 22, 2007

Study of Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics Powders Syntheszied via Biomimetic Process

The need of better and faster healing method for patients has increase the demand of biomaterial in the biomedical field. One type of the biomaterial that interested scientist and clinician to be study and developed are synthetic “Calcium Phosphate” based bioceramics. As we know, calcium and phosphate are the main element of the human hard tissue mineral.

The most widely used calcium phosphate based bioceramics are hydroxyapatite [HA, Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2], β-tricalcium phosphate [β-TCP, Ca3(PO4)2] and biphasic mixtures of these two. In the present time, synthetic calcium phosphate bioceramics are widely used in the area of orthopedic, dentistry and drug delivery. Further research shown that calcium phosphate bioceramics are possible to be use as ocular implant and also genetic therapy for certain types of tumors/cancers.

Considering the numerous applications of calcium phosphate bioceramics in biomedical fields, various synthesis techniques have been developed. Calcium phosphate bioceramics have been synthesized using several methods including the wet chemical precipitation, sol-gel, solid state reaction and hydrothermal method. Their presences are in the form of powders, granules, foams, dense and porous blocks, coating, cement, also various composites.

Another possible technique to synthesize calcium phosphate bioceramics is the biomimetic (bio=life, mimetic=mimicking) method. In this method, calcium phosphate based bioceramics are precipitated in mimicking the condition of the physiological environment of the human body. The media use for the precipitation is simulated body fluid (SBF), an inorganic solution with ion concentrations and a pH value similar to human blood plasma. Some study of this method reported that this technique is successful in synthesizing calcium phosphate bioceramics powders which are similar with those in the human bone.

(Taken from introduction of Undergraduate Thesis of Weko Abhinimpuno)

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